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Added a NEW post showing something christmassy that they crafted in the Holiday GroupHoliday Spirit
Given to anyone that bakes a Christmas bake and shows it off in the Holiday GroupChristmas Cheer

VOTING CLOSED Winners announced on the blog

Thank you to everyone that posted in the challenge. Lets see if we can get this polling to work for us. MAKE SURE TO CLICK SEE ALL OPTIONS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE POLL BOXES AS IT ONLY SHOWS THE FIRST FOUR OPTIONS. Also to see Maritrez's entry look in the comments under the post Maritrez joined the group, it's hidden in there.

I am going to ask you to only vote once and to please don't vote for yourself, since if everyone voted for themselves the votes would all be tied. The voting is open to everyone, even if you didn't manage to take part in this challenge.

The first Poll is for neatest design, this is about neatness of stitch, clear design, and equal tension throughout project


The second Poll is for originality, most original design or project.


The third Poll is for best use of colour. This is about best colour choice for the project or best colour palette for a project


The fourth Poll is for best newcomer to corner to corner.


The last poll is Best Overall



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