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Competition and Challenges

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I have sent everyone a small gift, with it I added some cork sheets for crafting. I also sent some samples one of vinyl that I got when I ordered 'actual cork' ... hmm and a small piece of cork for sewing, that is thicker and better for making bags. You can use the samples for whatever you like or throw them out, but the two cork sheets I would like you to use them for a challenge.

You can make anything you like from them, use them however you like, add other items if you want but the cork should be a major material of the project.

The sheets are thin enough to use like paper or card, you can sew through them glue them cut them and use them like fabric. If you will join in the challenge let me know below and I'll add your name. There is one prize of a cork handbag made by me, for the best use of the cork.

You have until the end of November.








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