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This is a Bunnaroo.

It is an old Aborigine Legend (I'm certain Lindsay can confirm this) that one of the first rabbits sent to Australia for some trivial misdeed at home, fell in love with a kangaroo. The offspring were little rabbits with pockets where they could keep their carrots. This made them very happy.

(BTW - I was led well astray by the pattern in Knit Now which billed it as a 'cushion.' it is in 4 ply and is half the size I thought it would be. Some day though I may knit it in DK. 🙂)

(Yes, know my pom-pom is not of the best, but I did mine. My best, I mean...

Also I was running out of the yellow, so I crocheted my pocket.)

Carolyn Fielding


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