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Given to anyone that bakes a Christmas bake and shows it off in the Holiday GroupChristmas Cheer

Some of you seem a bit confused as to what to put in this group and what to put on the forums so I thought I would try to explain a little better.

This group is the place for all the christmas card swaps, and secret santa stuff, any chat or questions about either of those plus any photos of gifts and cards received.

Also here you can post any personal christmas themed photographs of family or decorations of your house. This is because only members of this group can see the things posted in here so it is kept more private, you can check the list of members by clicking on the members tab at the top of the groups page under the title picture.

Anything that you make that is not showing personal information, any crafting that you do even if christmas themed should be posted in the forums. This is so that it can be seen by more people, even if they are not a member of the site they can see the things that are in the forums. The forums can also be picked up by google so we have a higher chance of being seen by other crafters who may want to join our site by posting regularly in the forums.

I hope that is more clear, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask them. Sarah x


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