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I'm a little late sharing this, but I made these for Christmas. I took a recipe my husband had for Spanakopita a kind of Greek pie using spinach and feta cheese. His recipe used filo dough which can be really hard to use especially when the air is so dry because you can't do anything with the layers of dough once they dry. And to be quite honest with you it's just not worth the trouble to me, I like flaky pastry just as much. Lily posted a recipe of a spinach and feta cheese roll, which was the same ingredients more or less, and used puff or flaky pastry to make rolls rather than a pie. Or at least I think she used puff/flaky pastry, she might not have done because the picture didn't show the rolls very puffy, so maybe just plain pastry. Either way I used my husbands ingredients and her idea to make rolls instead and I used puff pastry, just the frozen kind. Both Lily's recipe and my husbands called for pine nuts, Lily substituted for some kind of nut butter she had made but my husband told me that pine nuts used to be very expensive and hard to get so his family always just didn't add them and didn't substitute. I'm not a fan of bits of nut in things anyway so I didn't use any kind of nut either. Next time I'm going to try Asiago cheese, my local coffee place used to sell pretzels with a spinach and Asiago cheese filling and they were delicious. I also cooked mine in the air fryer/Instant Pot/Ninja Foodi

Feta Spinach Rolls

200 gms feta cheese (you can substitute a third of this cheese with ricotta)

200 gms frozen spinach (or use fresh)

1 onion chopped (also can add some spring onion)

30gms bread crumbs

2 eggs beaten

Juice and zest of a lemon

a bunch of chopped fresh parsley

pinch of garlic, (or a clove or two of fresh)

pinch of salt and pepper

milk and egg wash to glaze

Frozen flaky or puff pastry.

Defrost frozen pastry according to packet instructions and defrost spinach if using frozen.

Saute the onions and clove of garlic if using, add the parsley and if using fresh spinach and cook until the spinach goes limp.

If using frozen spinach, defrost and squeeze out all the water, I found this easiest using kitchen paper towels.

Add all the ingredients except the pastry and milk and egg wash to a bowl and combine well.

roll the pastry out a little bigger and cut in half, using one half at a time, put the ingredients in a line down the centre of the pastry, roll one side of the pastry over the mixture, put a little milk on the other side of the pastry and roll the 'roll' onto it, press down the seam a little. Cut the rolls to a size that will fit in the basket of your air fryer and make half cuts along the length of those so they can be broken into smaller rolls after cooking.

I cooked mine in the air fryer on 390F probably will use 400 next time, and I did 8 minutes on one side, turned them over and a further 5 or 6 minutes on the other side. If you use 400 adjust the time, and keep and eye on them because they burn quickly, your air fryer may cook differently to mine.



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