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Added a NEW post showing something christmassy that they crafted in the Holiday GroupHoliday Spirit
For all members that post pictures of their Christmas decorations before Dec 25 2022Star Bright

October 2021 swap

I would like to initiate another swap ,

Make a Christmas planner journal : your choice of style and materials

this will be sent to your partner and decided once we see how many members are interested , this makes swapping easier . posting date 18 th November , this gives us a month . Please join the fun it is great to see other ideas on the same subject make .

Swap partners below : I chose sarah as mine was ready to go , I then continued down the numbers and back up if that makes sense

1. crafty nannie post to No 3 Received

2. meer 72 post to No 4 caroLyn. Received

3. jaeyde. Post to No 5 Lisa. Received

4. Carolyn. Post to No 1 Liz Received

5. purplelisa. Post to No 2 Linda Received

hope your all happy with this love Liz

thank you everyone who took part and so many great ideas shared , I am loving them

Carolyn Fielding


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