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The types of swaps I'm proposing should hopefully have something for everyone.

  1. Our usual craft swap, which at this point I think will probably be hosted by one person who chooses pairs.

  2. A recipe swap, a digital swap where all you need to do is send a recipe to the host. The host will once all are collected, send all recipes to all who entered the swap. OR it could be a circular swap where each person sends one recipe to an allocated group member so all only get one recipe. You could also swap patterns, photos, poetry, etc, anything that can be emailed.

  3. Curious swaps, these are simply swaps for local products like chocolate bars, stamps, magazines, small craft items, things that may be a little different from where you swap partner lives. I have previously successfully swapped magazines with Linda for a year.

  4. Stash swap, get rid of unwanted stash by swapping it with another member for stash that you can use.

I am also looking for a couple of people who will agree to be a swap angel, someone who will, in the instance that one person does not receive a swap, make an extra one for free to send to the person who missed out. I have actually never known this happen on our small site so most likely you will not be called upon but it would be nice to know there was some plan in place if the worst happened


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