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Added a NEW post showing something christmassy that they crafted in the Holiday GroupHoliday Spirit
Given to anyone that bakes a Christmas bake and shows it off in the Holiday GroupChristmas Cheer

I would like to start a second swap, (make sure you check out Lisa's swap too) this one is a simple digital swap.

1. Enter the swap

2. Once everyone has entered who wants to I will assign a circular swap person to each of you (the person you send to will not be the same person who sends to you, this allows for an odd number of swappers)

3. Send your email address to the person who has you as a swapper

4.Email a recipe you have tried and tested to your swapper.

5. Test your new recipe and enjoy!

6. Post pictures on here.

No one said they had any dietary requirements or allergies in the questionnaire, so nothing to worry about there. However please be sure the ingredients are pretty easy to buy, especially if you are sending to an international swapper.

I will send a recipe to Liz,

Liz will send to Lindsey

Lindsey will send to Lisa

Lisa will send to me

Please see comments below for some last minute changes to likes and dislikes.


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