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Great seeing the wide variety of makes on this wartime theme!

And here is my swap from Carolyn : neat baccy box with poppy, and pretty topper card.

RAK of lovely blue tissue - and inside - fairy, and feathers and leaves - OH MY!

Perfect for a winter collage!

Sep 28, 2021

Thanks Lisa, it looks lovely, I will do my best to get it back to that condition, I think I will need to remake the side pieces because they are badly bent and torn. It looks like they literally jumped up and down on the box 😥 We were joking about them swimming across the sea with it but I think if they had it would have been in better condition. My ex worked for the post office, he told me once that some staff, if they saw a parcel marked fragile they would start tossing it around to each other laughing saying be careful with this it's fragile, like it was funny.

On the plus side my husband took off with the recipe book and he says he's going to cook something from it, well actually he said he was going to cook everything from it but I talked him out of that, I think he should be a little more selective, not sure I want to eat some of the meat they used to eat🤣



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