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Added a NEW post showing something christmassy that they crafted in the Holiday GroupHoliday Spirit
For all members that post pictures of their Christmas decorations before Dec 25 2022Star Bright

SORRY for messing everybody about.😣

I am proposing an Easter/Spring Swap.

Anything, all crafts which you can link in any way to a Spring/ Easter theme! 😀

If everyone's all right about posting and receiving things thought the post, I would match participants up with a Swap partner again and that would be one cost, and no returns postage needed?

Easter is April 17th so how about getting things done and off by 12th? Unless of course if it’s going to the US or Australia!!

So let me know if you want to join.😁




Meer 72

Purple Lisa

Crafty Nannie

Crafty nannie
Mar 09, 2022

Add me to swap list. Please



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