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MY three questions (I hope these are OK , Sarah!):

1) What are your favourite colours?

( I go for jewel colours - but then again, I like aubergine, wine, rust and mustard/gold....🤗)

2) If you wear jewelry, what do you like?

(I like long necklaces and hook earrings for pierced ears - but I don't generally do bracelets.)

3) Is there a craft you don't fancy?

(e.g. I have tried felting, didn't take to it...And don't have the patience for tatting, though I admire it greatly!! )

Little Juglans
Little Juglans
Nov 28, 2022

Favourite colour. This is a difficult one as my preferences change with the seasons. At the moment its emerald green, deep plum and burgundy. In the summer I like green, bright rose pinks, and lilac, yellow, teal and bright blue.

Jewellery. Love it all but only wear a few bits at a time. Only wear earrings with stud backs as have lost too many to risk anything else. Oh and love a bit of sparkle.

Not into knitting, crocheting or cross stitch.



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