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August what have you got to show for this summer

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Well I can’t believe that it is already august , before we know it the summer will be over ,

It has been a very mixed year so far , who can believe we still have covid threatening us

it has been so stressful, and now global warming has hit our shores no longer is it something we view on the telly . My heartfelt sympathy goes to everyone who has flood emergencies damaging their homes and belongings even taking lives .

on a happier note I would like to share with you the beautiful deck my son and his wife built during their summer holidays from school ( they are teachers ) I am so proud of Iain my middle son everything he tackles is perfect

A few years ago he took this house back to the stone and insulated it , rewired it and put in 2 en-suites

a new kitchen , shower room and downstairs toilet , the only tradesmen he hired was the one who fitted the wood burning stove and the patio doors , he then decorated it all and laid the laminate .

This is the park we take the dogs to daily , I noticed the lake is flowing into the overflow pipe due to all the heavy rain from last week , I am afraid global warming has reached our shores . we have seen all the catastrophic weather damage across the globe , and these last couple of years it has caused flooding here .we must change our lives , lock down for covid helped the environment so we know it can be done

I am trying to make a clutch bag at the moment , it’s a trial run before I make one to match my outfit for my grandson‘s wedding , what craft activity are all the members working on ? we are becoming a nice little group of crafty friends on this forum , the help from fellow members I have found to be invaluable.

whilst chatting about crafty things and the environment, I have to show you what I came across on my walk , it’s a baby Christmas tree , I apologise for mentioning the C word in august but how cute is this and if we do allow our minds to think Christmas then surely it’s a free for all in our crafting community

this has been another funny old year with covid , but my crafts have kept me sane when so many are suffering from mental health problems in our world . Let’s stay strong and continue to support each other my friends . We are stronger together

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Aug 09, 2021

Liz I loved reading your post and seeing a bit into your world. Your son's deck is amazing and I love the park. The mini Xmas tree is so cute.

Yes global warming and climate change is scary. Where I live apparently were going to get more rain and storms.

If only we could all work together to heal our planet. All we can do is try.


Aug 07, 2021

Love the blog Liz. Your son’s deck is gorgeous. Loving the tiny Christmas cute. You are so right about global warming. Like you say with the lockdown we could see the benefits worldwide. So yes it can be done.....if only people would take it more seriously and make just small changes. This would all make such a difference. x


Aug 06, 2021

A cute little tree ! The kids here are going back to school next Wednesday. I don't know why they have moved the school year around so much, they were out of school at the end of May. It used to be they got out of school at the end of June and went back at the beginning of September which made far more sense. I thought the whole idea of a summer holiday was so that children weren't trying to study in heatwaves up in the 90sF yet they are going back to school in the hottest month of the year.

I like the grey on the deck it looks very smart, I think I'd be tempted to throw…

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