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Middle of June in the garden

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

The wild geranium is in full bloom with honey bees and masonry bees all over it.

The hosta

is grown huge and shading the pond for the fish. John loves roses so all his collection is at its best,

My collection of Heukeras are all flowering and the bees love them,

This is just a small view of what is growing, but last of all I must show you my long sweet pepper it’s green at the moment but will soon change to a lovely red, and here is also my yellow courgettes, I normally grow green ones but tried this 9ne for the first time.

That’s all for now until July when all the vegetables and fruit will need picking and preserving.

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1 Yorum

13 Haz 2022

Lovely! The weather looks glorious there - we've had it dull for the last few days. Must take pics of our garden - once we have clobbered the weeds and it matches up to yours, Linda!

I have coveted that type of geranium for years - must make this the Year of the Geranium! They look fab!

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