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Pressure multi cookers my review I wanted to write this as people are on all different budgets.

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

This cost me 20 pound off market place it cooked every lovely you can put any sauces in it no issue I cooked whole chicken pasta dishes etc I brought a new casket as it was second hand for safety I got caught up in people saying how great instant pot was and ending up getting one this pot is now being used by Ria and it does a great job brought my mum same model but smaller.

The instant pot

To be honest I fell in love with the design I just wanted for that reason can’t remember the exact amount but it was over 100 pound.At first I thought I had made a big mistake I kept getting the burnt message at one stage I could have put it in the bin.But I learnt now what to avoid and I love it but my opinion it’s no better then the pressure king pro.This one I have you can’t buy the air fryer lid to go on it.

emeril lagasse

This one was my biggest bargain I brought it second hand off eBay think I payed 40 pound said used to my surprise when it came it was all new in the box it air fryer lid slow cooker glass lid racks veg steamer cake tins etc again I have used it for all sorts whole chicken Shepherds pie rice dishes bacon roly poly again cooks very and no better then any of the other pots.

I don’t no about the ninja that’s top end price if any one wants to add there review would be great.

So my overall opinion out of the pots I have used they all do the same thing so if you would like one you don’t have to spend loads of money.

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