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Swaps used to be a popular thing on our craft site up until Covid struck and like many things it had to be abandoned but now we feel able to start it up again with a few changes.

Go along to the groups and join the new swaps group, even if you didn’t join in swaps before. This time I plan on adding digital swaps like a recipe for instance. Curious swaps like items from where you live like stamps or chocolate bars, magazines, anything you might be interested in, as well as our usual craft swaps. We are not going to have the signing up to host a particular month because quite honestly who knows in January what they will be doing in October. Instead anyone may host a swap at any time, more than one swaps can be hosted at any time So one person might be hosting a magazine swap, one person hosting a digital recipe swap and one person hosting a craft swap. You can join in any or all

when you join the swaps group there are some questions these are to find out how you would like the swaps run and some basic questions about yourself to help your fellow swaps partner such as your favourite colour and if you have any food requirements or allergies.

swaps being successful relies on everyone in the group pulling together, it needs members to host the swaps and others to participate. This is a community and it only works if we all put something into that community so please get involved host some swaps, host challenges, post your makes in the forum and allow our small site to grow. thank you.. Sarah

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