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Who s been crafty highlights week ending 21/3/21

Mt has been busy knitting these fabulous hats to keep everyone s heads warm don’t they look cosy

Meer72 brought summer to our forum with these lovely crochet flowers.

Gregsgirl23 made this super cute potholder very fitting for Easter 🐣

Purplelisa has been making paper up cycling old letters used envelopes

C2c competition is in full swing here is some of the wonderful entries not to late to enter and you can add more then one entry check it out.

Happy crafting x

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Mar 24, 2021

Loving all the different makes on here. They are all fab. x


Mar 22, 2021

Thanks for that Lisa.

Don't forget to post your entries in the competition 'group' thread, the group is open to everyone who is logged into the site you don't need an invite, so sign in and take a look at the entries and add your own. Challenge closes at the end of the month.

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