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Winners of the Valentine Challenge

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

I have had a really tough time deciding on the winner of the challenge. The problem I had was that everyone made completely different items so it was really hard to compare them. My family were terrible helpers, every single one of them chose a different winner, so I guess you can say you are all winners. Unfortunately I was judging and had to decide on just one, which I was also terrible at, instead I made a second bag and came up with two winners.

So here are the prizes, the sea life patterned bag is easier to see if you click on it to enlarge it. The blue one is a bucket bag, it has grommets around the top with a cord that you can pull to cinch in the top of the bag. Inside it has a zipped pocket and three open pockets. The strap can be a shoulder strap or can be lengthened to be a cross body strap.

The yellow bag is a more classic handbag style and has a flap pocket and a zipped pocket on the outside and the same on the inside. It also has a key fob inside. Again the strap can either be a shoulder strap or lengthened to make a cross body strap. Both bags are quite roomy.

I eventually chose the winners based on how well they fit the valentine theme. So my first winner is Serendipity with her teapot cover. I love the idea that a couple that have been together for a while would not need dramatic gestures for valentines day but a quiet cup of tea or coffee enjoying each others company would be lovely.

My second winner is Maritrez, I think she herself said that it should be quality over quantity and she did indeed give us quantity, however I really like the thought that she would decorate her house for valentines day and wear her heart jewellery and I absolutely loved the little truffles in the box. They were so simple but still so perfect and inspirational.

Serendipity, as first winner, please choose the bag that you want, and then I will send Maritrez the other one. Thank you to everyone else for entering, I do plan on sending a small surprise gift to all regular users of our site over the next month as an anniversary thank you for making the site a success in it's first year.

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