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Just had to sign in all over again again using my gmail address.

Still the same person who joined last February!

i.e. in a former life, Primary Teacher and Nursery/Infants Specialist (Froebel-trained back in the day when it meant something.) Wife to Harry for 5 years, but feels like over 50 (or is it the other way round - things get a bit blurry).

Mother of six, which sure wiped the superior professional sneer off my face, I can tell you. Martin - 50 this year - ye gods! Damien - 48. John - wait a minute - I’m running out of fingers here - 44. James - 42. Gerard - 40. Therese - 33. Two grandchildren: Rowan - 3 yr ( Gerry and Kirsty ) and Maura - 3 mth. ( John and Jordanna ).

I love General Crafts (don’t tell Harry ) and I am also a writer.

  • Holiday Spirit
    Holiday Spirit
    Added a NEW post showing something christmassy that they crafted in the Holiday Group
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    Star Bright
    For all members that post pictures of their Christmas decorations before Dec 25 2022
  • An original
    An original
    For being an original member of our group
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    An inspirational member of our group through their many interactions with the site.
  • 42
    Given to people who logged in and told us the colour of their towel on towel day 2021
  • 1 Year
    1 Year
    Made the first year of the website a success


Holiday Spirit
Star Bright
An original
1 Year
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