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Added a NEW post showing something christmassy that they crafted in the Holiday GroupHoliday Spirit
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Sorry I'm so late with this. The cork challenge winner.

I did struggle to pick a winner because all the ideas were so good.

Sally-Ann made a brooch which I think would be hard to do to get the cork to fold well but she did it brilliantly

Carolyn made a pair of earrings and tag holder and managed to use up all her cork

Lisa made a fantastic wallet which will make a great christmas gift.

Linda made a sleigh to hold Christmas chocolates in i think this will make a great decoration for years to come.

Liz made a little bag that was excellently made

All great ideas so very hard to choose just one.

However in the end I chose Carolyn for the earrings and the tag holder which were both great but they also used up all those scraps of cork too. Wonderful.

I will send your prize after christmas when the line in the post office isn't out the door.

As an extra surprise I will send a runners up prize to Lisa, Liz, Linda and Sally-Ann

Carolyn Fielding


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