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I’m so sorry everyone I have to apologize for my cards this year I took them to the post office along with my secret Santa parcel and some parcels to family and all was fine. Then on Friday I got a call to say that the sorting office had sent back my cards because the envelopes didn’t bend! 🥲 I didn’t even know that was a ‘thing’. They would not bend because of the small RAK I put inside which i thought was fine because it was small and flat.

Anyway my son went to the post office and removed the outer envelope and the gifts luckily I had written the addresses on the card envelopes anyway in case the outer envelope got damaged so he just bought some stamps and stuck them on and posted them again without the RAK

So I am sorry for the lack of RAK and the cards now being a bit late but to send them as they were as a non bendable item would have cost me $100 for six Christmas cards (I sent the 7th with the secret Santa since it was pretty obvious who it was from anyway) without the RAK it only cost $8


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