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May 4th (Be with you)

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Hello everyone, lots of lovely crafting going on this week. I really enjoy seeing so many completely different things happening. I encourage everyone to post what they make no matter how small or trivial you think it is. I know I often don't post things because I think I've posted something so similar before but I have realised that sometimes I'm inspired by a colour choice or material type just as much as the project as a whole and those small differences are enough to trigger a spark in someone's mind. Just remember that posting your crafts isn't about you showing off what you've made it's about inspiring creativity in the group as a whole and creating an interaction between users.

So what has been happening lately. Well for one PurpleLisa has been been very busy working on a baby pram/stroller refurbishing it and making it look very pretty, with a new pram liner, some paint and a bit of fixing here and there.

In Yarn and Fabric Little Juglans made some Rayburn covers using a peg loom, the string worked great to give them a rustic look. Crafty Nannie completed her cross stitch of the children's character "Filbert", framed it and gave it to her grandchildren. I'm sure it's very proudly hanging on the wall there. Crafty Nannie has already started on her next project which we look forwards to seeing the progress of. Meer72 has been busy making "Yorkshire buttons" they are so pretty and colourful and she has used them for making a scissors keeper. PurpleLisa has started on a baby blanket, it will look great in that refurbished pram/stroller.

In Paper Crafting Maritrez has been busy making cards, she made some very pretty sparkly medallion mandalas that will brighten someone's day. Carolyn made a beautiful folder full of little pockets and tags and pretty embellishments. Also she left a link to where you can get the kit to have a go yourself.

In Baking Meer72 baked a delicious looking Apple and Plum Upside Down Cake. I thought it would be very good warmed up with some custard, but that's just me, how would you eat it? Well you can find out since Meer72 kindly left you the instructions to make your own should you get a little hungry.

In our Home and Garden section Crafty Nannie showed us this wonderful bouncy castle her granddaughter had won with a raffle ticket, how wonderful! Meer72 showed us a picture of her colourful parrot tulips. I look forwards to seeing more gardening pictures as the summer approaches.

Last of all we have had a few entries in for the 3D Rabbit competition. First off is PurpleLisa with her Lindt Bunny Head. which I don't know how she can have on her wall because it would make me want chocolate constantly :) Next off is Maritrez with her cute crocheted bunnies, one of which she thinks is a little demonic but everyone else thinks is cute, what do you think? Last of all Jaeyde made a Bunny shaped shelf out of ice lolly/popsicle sticks, perfect for small curiosities or tiny amigurumi figures and 'no' I did not eat all those ice lollies :D

There is plenty of time left to get your entry into the 3D bunny challenge you have until the end of May and Meer72 who is running it, has announced that you may make more than one entry if you would like to, so get those ideas flowing and lets see what we can make.

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