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Garden started in 2002

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

From a field that dairy cows grazed on , to 20 years later we have a plot which is wild life friendly a hedge that grows blackthorne for sloes, Rosa rugosa for rose hips, hazel for nuts, and brier rose for some colour. On the right side of the plot is an orchard of 14 different fruit trees, with fruit cage in the middle, and a poly tunnel and veg plot on the left. My role in all of this is too buy plants and harvest the produce, hubby John bless him looks after it all, a gardener from young with a mountain of knowledge , from his flower garden through to the fruit and veg.

I will blog from month to month on what’s growing and what I shall do with it. At the moment the garden plot is just stirring in to spring, and we have our daphne “ Atlantica” in full bloom, it started in December and goes right through to April.

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