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Life living in a tiny home

It started many years ago we have allways enjoyed camping first in a tent then we got a caravan it was great fun.We was private renting and I was always aware at any point they could say we need you to leave as they wanted to sell it so I never felt secure and having four dogs there was no chance in finding someone else to rent us somewhere and no way would I rehome my dogs all of them apart from one have been given away before we took for the rest of there life they are part of our family.So that was when we discussed the idea of buying a motorhome or an old bus to convert to a home we new it wouldn’t be an easy way to live as in are area there was no where that allowed you to live on site in a motorhome as at the time my son was in college I was still doing school runs Hubby and son jobs in this area so we had to stay here so we went into making a list of sites in are area.

We then started the search for are new home and then on eBay I found the one it was very retro looking my style loved it but it was a left hand drive 34 ft rv in poo brown my hubby didnt like it much nearly all the features inside had been took out but we kept looking and I kept going back to it so in the end hubby said ok let’s go and see we took a train to go and see and I loved it we payed for it and hubby drove it to the bottom of storage place and we sat there for a bit so he could get use to what did what and off we went for the drive home.Well what a nightmare that was first we took a round turning ended up in a village and hubby had to about a twenty point turn in this village roads other drivers weren’t impressed then we broke down and then we had to call who we brought it from and cut I long story short he had to take it back and repair it and we had to wait a couple of days for him to deliver it to us.we getting to where we was living and started revamping it for living the bedroom we made to single beds for the boys and we had a pull out sofa in lounge and then it happened landlord gave us notice that he was selling up so it was meant to be so full steam ahead we got her ready booked into a campsite for 2 weeks well the first journey was like 😬😬it was scary I was it the right hand seat so I had all the traffic coming towards me it was so wide on are narrow roads it looked like there was going to smash into us I needed a glass of wine my nerves where shot to bits 😂we had a great stay there the rv was very comfy I loved it when it wasn’t moving that’s when we heard about the next site that he lets people live there so that where we went next and we just kept paying each week and that’s when he asked us if we wanted to live there I was so pleased as my nerves would not I stood up to having to drive around in her has I hated it when it moved so we got our percent pitch we was hooked up to electric water and loo.It was a great way to live the dogs had a very large back garden I had everything I needed in rv we changed a few bit as we lived in the rv to work better for us.Some people found it a bit strange how we lived people are very much worried about having large floor space but when you think about it what do you do with it.we lived in there for about six years and it was one of the happiest times in my life being out doors all though summer not having to worry about large house hold bills it was like a very small community as there was other people living there to it was a sad day when they sold the site and we had to leave.But I am happy where we are again we are small living in a garage conversion but hubby is very good at making use of the space I love it as it’s easy doing house work gives me plenty of time for crafting 😊it’s not very everyone but I love it.xloving memory of the brown rolling turd who went to the scrap yard .

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May 22, 2021

Such a great read Lisa. I agree with you about the living space. Far less cleaning and no big bills. Fab. 😊

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