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The Union jack

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

At the moment I am crocheting the flags of the United Kingdom that are represented in the Union Jack. There is England with white back ground and the Red Cross off st. George.

And I have added a Tudor rose in the corner. Then there is the white cross on a blue back ground for Scotland, I have also added a thistle.

We then come to Northern Ireland which has the Red Cross of st. Patrick on a white back ground. Which I will add a three leaf clover. Not crocheted that yet. Then I found out that there is no representation for wales in the Union Jack, so researching that I found out that in 1606 when the Union Jack was founded wales was already a principality and United with England and not a kingdom. So now in modern times people have suggested that this Union Jack should represent wales now.

I have found a crochet pattern to represent wales, so I am doing this flag until the above becomes official. It is a red dragon on a green and white background.

All these flags will go on a post box topper I am crocheting for the queens platinum jubilee.

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Apr 09, 2022

Very informative! We used to holiday in Wales every summer and it never occurred to me it wasn’t in the Union Jack. Love to see Wales then, however you manage it. The rest are super!


Mar 10, 2022

While I definitely think that Wales should be represented in the UK flag, can't really see that version of the flag ever being recognised if I'm honest. I just can't see the other countries agreeing to them having an icon right in the centre when the rest of the countries have a coloured line, it would seem more likely to me that extra colours would be added rather than an emblem, maybe a border around the outside of the flag with the bottom half being green and the top being white, or something similar. At the very least I think the emblem would be moved to the corner or side somewhere. It does seem long over due that they ar…

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