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The Union jack

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

At the moment I am crocheting the flags of the United Kingdom that are represented in the Union Jack. There is England with white back ground and the Red Cross off st. George.

And I have added a Tudor rose in the corner. Then there is the white cross on a blue back ground for Scotland, I have also added a thistle.

We then come to Northern Ireland which has the Red Cross of st. Patrick on a white back ground. Which I will add a three leaf clover. Not crocheted that yet. Then I found out that there is no representation for wales in the Union Jack, so researching that I found out that in 1606 when the Union Jack was founded wales was already a principality and United with England and not a kingdom. So now in modern times people have suggested that this Union Jack should represent wales now.

I have found a crochet pattern to represent wales, so I am doing this flag until the above becomes official. It is a red dragon on a green and white background.

All these flags will go on a post box topper I am crocheting for the queens platinum jubilee.

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