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10th aug and still it rains

What we need is to share our enthusiasm around by posting pics of our inspiring makes

so far august has been a wash out , with flooding and storms , I am sure you will agree that crafting is a great distraction from the bad weather .

plastic canvas is a craft I have not seen for years and then both Linda and Lisa show us their great makes using this method . It naturally gets your brain working and the artistic side of you pushes to the fore , it gets you thinking 🤔

These are tags I did a few years ago , but Linda and Lisa went a whole lot further , are’nt they great

I made some fabric bags this past week using flexi frame closures , I love these bag closures

They are so easy to use , but they can become a bit pricey if using larger sizes but I discovered you can use old metal measuring tapes , just cut 2 pieces to size and bind the edges with tape ( be careful it’s sharp ) .

sarah has decorated an empty cutlery box and made a brilliant job of it , it’s inspired me to do some altered upcycling I need to get my paints out I think

what a crafty bunch we are keeping each others artistic juices flowing

in times of illness and during depressing weather I turn to craft , it takes me away from all the worries of life , so let’s continue with our passion , I know that Tracey and Denise knit for charity , that is such a worthwhile pastime I salute everyone doing this for charity . Keep up the good work ladies

until next time stay happy and safe

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Aug 17, 2021

I have some flex frames, they are just the small ones though I made some little pouches with them for glasses and such. I did not know you could use an old measuring tape but it makes sense

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