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Bleak January

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

It’s not the best time of year so we have to cheer ourselves up by crafting . I have taken to altered books and journals , they allow lots of different crafts in one project

There is probably a right and wrong way of doing them but I have just gone with my own inspiration

combining paper craft , fabric and beads the odd bit of sewing etc .

I enjoyed learning some things I never tried before , Hidden paper clips and using old envelopes to make journal pockets ,

I then made some fabric flowers and found stencils which I have not used for years , my long unused stash of card making supplies have been resurrected .

All this started with the Christmas planner swap and after participating, I thought how relaxing and stimulating craft journaling was giving free reign to a variety of ideas

I will show some pics of things I have made to include in a recipe journal , a Christmas planner and a large pocket holder to store paper

This is a mini 2 inch pocket concertina journal with little tags in each pocket

mini note books are a new try also with just 8 pages each , easy to tuck into a purse or phone case

I might not be doing the correctly or following the rules but I am having fun 🤩 Liz

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May 20

This is SO inspirational!

Every time I see it I get inspired all over again!

There doesn’t seem to be a technique that you haven’t tried, Liz!

It is such a great resume of all the little notions that can be used in a journal .

Maybe I’ll actually get one finished some day!! ❤️🤩😁


Jan 24, 2022

Absolutely lovely assortment of inclusions! It will be a pleasure every time to revisit, and a wonderful family heirloom!


Jan 20, 2022

I love that you are going your own way and that you are combining different crafts. Lovely blog entry, thank you


Jan 19, 2022

Wow Liz.....They are wonderful. Such a lovely idea. I love them. It's great to try some different crafting too. Which I'm hoping to do this year (work permitting) Have started with my first card. Enjoyed it so much and found it really relaxing. Thank you for sharing. I love seeing all of the different crafts here. It's so inspiring. a

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