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Congratulations to all that joined in the c2c challenge and the winners. Still time to join in with the latest challenge making a 3d bunny get them crafty wheels turning 😊.

Maritrez has been busy with some cross stitching, also Crafty Nanny has a very fun cross stitch in working progress can’t wait to see it finished, it looks so cute.

Maritrez's flower-power cushion, I would love that on my sofa and then Maritrez made some fabulous wall hangings great work MT.

Chilly neck? Serendipity made this very cosy neck warmer.

Do you believe in fairies? Purplelisa made this multi media canvas that lead to an interesting conversation about textured pastes.

More fairy magic form Maritrez's sparkly fairy cards.

To finish off we have got a picture of Meer72's beautiful tulips in her garden.

Hope you enjoy looking through the highlights if I have missed anyone’s makes out please let me know in the comments. Amazing work everyone, happy crafting. x

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