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C2C Challenge Winners

Thank you to everyone who entered the corner to corner crochet challenge and to the voters. Voting has now closed!

Everyone should be proud of their entries. Every single person got at least some votes for some of the categories even if they didn't win, and there were no runaway winners with 90% of the votes. Which just goes to show that everyone's entry appealed to someone in some way.

So to the winners.

The first category was Neatness, this was about the neatness of the overall design and the individual stitches all being consistent.

The winner was : Jaeyde with the Alice in Wonderland themed mugrug with 50% of the votes

The second category was Originality, this was about making a c2c item that was original.

The winner was Meer72 with her cute 3D bunny with 43% of the votes

The third category was Colour, this was about using colours that were suitable for the project and choosing the best colour palette

The winner was: PurpleLisa with her striped blanket with 43% of the votes.

The fourth category was Best Newcomer. Some people were new to corner to corner crochet and had to learn how to do it before they could make their project.

The winner was: a tie Maritrez with her baby blanket, PurpleLisa with her striped blanket and Gregsgirl123 with her dishcloth done in sedge stitch c2c all got 33% of the votes

The fifth and last category was Best Overall, the title says it all really, which was the one that most people liked the most.

The winner was: Meer72 with her Bunny, with 57% of the votes. Congratulations!

Well done to everyone!

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