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Swap inspiration

Hi everyone it’s 20th September and I wanted to share the inspiring craft ideas our members came up with recently. Lisa set the swap and asked the ladies to make a small item following the theme “WORLD WAR “

and as those taking part got busy some gorgeous items were produced and then swapped around .

It is always nice to receive a gift and a home crafted one arriving in the post is even more precious , how different each item turned out to be , ladies once again you produced inspiring ideas .

Linda decorated a tub in country fabric and stitched the lid to say : dig for victory , enclosed was 2 packets of seeds , every family was encouraged to grow their own food during the war

Sarah stitched this army style bag reminiscent of the bags used by nurses during the war , I think this would make a lovely first aid kit now

Maritrez crocheted this soft throw in colours to represent the poppy fields used in rememberance of all the brave men and women who fought for their country during the war years

Carolyn decorated an old tobacco tin and turned it into a small memory box , cigarettes were hard to come by during the war and most smokers bought tins of loose tobacco to roll their own cigarettes

liz made a pin cushion , these were often made by convalescent service men whilst they were recovering from their injuries . The troops were provided with materials by the hospital staff and the Red Cross and these in turn were sent home as mementos to loved ones

it was a lovely swap idea and everyone enjoyed sharing their skills with like minded friends

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3 commentaires

23 oct. 2021

Such lovely ideas, and so varied. x


22 sept. 2021

Its fascinating - all the different takes on the same subject!


21 sept. 2021

I enjoyed the swap and loved all the useful stuff that got made

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