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What a busy lot

I was just looking over the fantastic makes that have been posted over the last 10 days and although I can’t include everything we have been doing as a group , I wanted to highlight some activity.

our swaps have been restarted they have been curtailed due to covid to avoid passing on infection , but hopefully now we are in a safer place and so our first swap is being organised by purplelisa , quickly followed by a second swap from Sarah , so let’s get our thinking caps on ladies and participate.

our fellow members have been inspiring us with photo’s of their craft makes , I will show you some pics then tell you a bit about them

The first pic shows a bag amazingly made from plastic canvas , it was made by our ingenious Lisa .

She then stunned me with her next make ‘a book organiser’ it’s been produced using a charity shop buy of a hard cover book . It’s a very useful idea which I hope to try myself .

The next pic is gorgeous soft blankets and pillows sewn from minky fur fabric , our brilliant sarah is so competent with a sewing machine , she has inspired other members to try this fabric , so looking forward to seeing what the ladies make

Now what a joy a festive pot holder crocheted by Lyndsey , this is the first time lisa has got so adventurous and there will be no stopping her now , the different coloured yarns have been incorporated so well .

Then comes our cosy little outfit for roan who arrived recently and is the grandson of Lisa who knitted this for the colder days . Roan’s photo was in my last blog when he was only a day old .

Again some crochet from Lyndsey it’s a cheery blanket for her dog Zoe and she has got off to a good start on festive makes .

Now a pic of Linda’s pomegranates in her orchard , she grows all kinds of fruit and vegetables and is trying this year to outshine her previous achievements by growing pomegranates. Reach for the sky linda . When not in the garden or cooking linda loves an assortment of crafts and has made this cottage from plastic canvas , it is a practical storage cube .

liz made these bags as a trial clutch bag project prior to making a handbag for a wedding , its a good idea to Learn on scraps if it’s a new craft . and then another early festive make , these antibacterial hand sanitizer pouches are for stocking fillers .

What can I say the talents in our small forum of crafty friends is endless , give yourselves a round of applause ladies . It’s so good to know we are all there for each other to help and encourage

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1 Comment

Aug 19, 2021

Another fab blog Liz. I love it. x

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