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Easter 6th April 2021

Sorry for the lack of blog post last week. I just wasn't feeling well. I will incorporate all the things that got missed from back then, in today's post.

Yarn and Fabric was busy, Maritrez started us off with two blankets and a beautiful embroidery piece that she added an edge to frame it. Gregsgirl123 made some Easter makes, the first one being some cute napkins that she added some foil bunnies to, which she cut out with a Cricut machine, I really should dust off my own Cricut. Maritrez also crocheted some cushions to use up some of her yarn, they were lovely and bright, perfect for Spring. LGC Knitting and Crochet magazine obviously thought so too because they plan on printing them in their issue 131 or 132 issue. Meer72 is working on a tagine style fruit bowl which she is crocheting, I'm looking forwards to seeing it completed. I have made a start on my mini amigurumi kingdom. I have made the King and cat so far, well that's what I have posted, I can let you know I've actually completed the Queen too now and she is my favourite. I'm now working on the prince. Meer 72 has been working some more on her sampler blanket and now has bright springtime corners, we look forwards to seeing it's progress.

Drawing and Painting was a little quiet with just one post by myself on a door plaque I have drawn for my granddaughter. I plan on cleaning it up by scanning it into my computer and using a vector programme to redraw the lines smoother.

Paper Crafting section has had some lovely makes PurpleLisa is working on some journals, she is using fabric paper and old Amazon boxes. Lots of recycling and originality. Carolyn has also made a journal, a beautiful spring journal and she made a video to walk us through all the pages and there are so many pages I would be afraid to write inside and ruin it until I'd practiced my calligraphy a bit. Maritrez has been making her fabulous cards, I don't know how she makes so many so fast. She has also made some cute origami boxes for Easter treats.

Talking of treats PurpleLisa made some yummy looking Easter biscuits/cookies over in the Baking forum, she used actual Easter egg inside them.

And in Home and Garden, Little Juglans has upcycled a notice board, making it a little bit more up to date with some great new fabric and ribbon.

I believe that some people that voted in the challenge missed a couple of the polls, so take a look and check if you missed any, might have been they didn't load quickly enough. I noticed they were a bit slow to load. I'll announce the results in a few days, once everyone who wanted to vote has had a chance. If anyone wants to start a new challenge, you are welcome to post it. That's all for this update, hope I didn't miss anything.

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