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July achievements

Well the most important one is baby Roan who arrived this week , thank you Mrs grim and hubby

There is no achievement more precious than a new baby

We also have a few green finger members who produce lovely garden produce , Meer 72 comes to mind and her succulent fruit and vegetables are very inspiring, she then goes on to tickle our taste buds with the gorgeous home baking and meals she creates . the garden must be a corner of paradise as the local wildlife often drop in to visit

I know we are all different and one member purplelisa has amazed me when she produced vegetables from a limited space in her little green house , she then went on to dehydrate her own produce and start me especially on a new hobby . Having dried ingredients available all year round is amazing and it’s well worth the effort .

Here is Lisa s returning garden resident

I myself am more of a garden chair person these days , I did plant up 42 flower pots this year and I also have house plants ,

our member maritrez upcycled some garden flour pots recently and made a super job of them , she is our queen when it comes to recycling

We have some really talented crafters on here and summer produce is only the tip of what they can do

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