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Just had to drop in to catch up with the busy members of this forum and view the amazing things that have been created in the last few weeks . I must admit to having been very short of craft time myself as I have had extended family living with me whilst their home is being renovated and to make things even more hectic my granddaughter who is staying here caught covid . We have isolated her in my craft room so definitely no chance of me reaching my stash . however one member has been very active her are some of her achievements

all of the above from Lisa in the last few weeks and the vintage sewing machine is her latest project , I hope to show the refurbished machine and case at a later date

and now onto carolyn who entered items at her local museum to celebrate 100 years

these entries by Carolyn were all made in miniature and fitted into a matchbox , what a lot of thought went into these items

Say hello to the mini kingdom witch crochet work done by Sarah isn’t it great , especially the wrinkles on her hat

my small contribution is a pencil case and a clutch bag

Now I hope you are not hungry when you browse the next photos because these will make you salivate , lovely goodies made by Linda and her daughter in law Sally Ann , I want to be adopted into this family the cooking and home grown produce is marvellous

Made by Linda

Made by Sally Ann

there is nothing more can be said apart from I am pleased to know all you talented ladies

stay safe until the next time x

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Sep 12, 2021

we have been busy baking this month haven't we, well i say we and I haven't but other members have. and it all looks delicious.

Lisa I missed that little baby set you made, I didn't see that in the forum, so useful to have the blog to fill us in, it's lovely looks so warm and cosy.

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