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This weeks fabulous makes highlights

Crafty nannie has got the heads up on Christmas with this amazing Santa ceramic in Drawing and painting I think we would all love this under our tree .To go with the Santa crafty nannie has made a very cute set of mini stockings with cross stitch such beautiful work 😍Also in the yarn and fabric section jaeyde made some lovely crochet blankets with flowers and a wonderful rainbow blanket .Yummy yummy coffee cake in my tummy in Baking purplelisa made a delicious coffee and walnut cake tea and cake anyone?Drawing and painting purplelisa has painted some lovely stones with some positive messages,meer72 in work in progress is painting a fairy castle on a cypress knee we will look forward in checking out the picture when completed.Carolyn in paper crafting has made this wonderful spring junk journal this is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face ,beautiful.Home and garden what a wonderful keepsake purplelisa has dried a rose and then sealed it in resin them made into a enchanted rose style light.Who s a pretty bird check out meer72 lovely visitor.It’s competition time 👏March competition is make a c2c2 project let’s get them crochet hooks out.

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2 Σχόλια

Great blog this week full of makes , congratulations everyone. Thank you for sharing Lisa

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08 Μαρ 2021

Lots of great posts this week, thanks Lisa

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