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Week ending 14/3/2021

First off this week we have a couple of minor changes to the site, a new logo that I might still change because it is very small on mobile view (phones). Also on the Homepage, you can see a new video made with the help of my granddaughter. She is only five and was very nervous but she did great.

Don't forget about the corner to corner crochet challenge, you can post multiple entries. You will need to add yourself to the competition and challenge group on the groups tab. All entries must be posted by the end of the month. I didn't realise there were so many that were new to c2c so I'm thinking there might be vote for best newcomer entry and best entry. No prizes all just for fun

Forum Highlights this week start with the Yarn and Fabric where Maritrez posted her practice pieces for the c2c challenge, they were great and I couldn't tell she was new to c2c. She also posted pictures of some great cross stitch she finished and framed, I thought the cord frame was a great idea. Meer72 learned a new crochet stitch and added it to her amazing crochet sampler blanket that is in the WIP stage but will be great when finished.

In Drawing and Painting Meer72's talented granddaughter has painted a a lovely picture entitled A Street in Valletta and and a long lost painting was found that Meer72 painted that is just lovely.

Maritrez has been very busy with her card making over in the Paper Crafting Section. I never know how she makes so many so fast.

Lots of mouth watering treats this week for humans and pets alike. In Baking PurpleLisa made some BBQ pulled beef in the slow cooker and she also made some dehydrated dog treats. While Meer72 made some sausage and onion rolls and an apricot, sultana and orange cake. They all sound delicious.

Last but not least in the Home and Garden section PurpleLisa made her resin roses into a pretty light and newcomer MrsGrimm has upcycled some furniture with beautiful results.

I can't wait to see the coming weeks projects.

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Mar 22, 2021

Well done amazing ideas and makes.xx

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