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Forum Highlights

It has been a busy week in the forums, in the Yarn and Fabric section Purplelisa found a great way to use up her yarn stash, Meer72 made some lovely coloured Mukluk boots as a gift and I made my own pattern teddy bear, suitable for a small child.

Purplelisa has been very busy in the Baking section, she made some delicious lemon curd and preserved some lemons and red onions and left us some instructions on how to make our own. Meer72 made some very yummy looking marmalade and candied peel, the candied peel looks very moreish.

Some people have been getting very artistic in the Drawing and Painting area, Crafty Nannie has started her Christmas crafts early and is working on a ceramic Santa, I can't wait to see how it progresses. Meer72 has shown her creativity by painting on a Cypress knee, I hope she keeps us updated. I have been doodling, and I made a search and find picture for my granddaughter, I hope to frame it so that I can hang it with a whiteboard marker so she can circle her finds.

In our Homemade section Purplelisa tried her hand at making her own laundry detergent, I hope it works well on stains and proves to be a winner. Crafty Nannie has brightened up her sweetie jar by turning it into a cute little fairy house. I'm sure everyone will want to pick something from that jar.

I look forward to seeing what the coming week brings.

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